We are an Australian group that specialises in Study Skills and works with school communities across the world.

Learning how to study

Each year thousands of students spend countless hours studying, but how did they learn to study? Was it something that began to develop naturally when they started high school? Were they shown and helped by a parent, siblings or friends? Maybe trial and error? A few special teachers and pastoral care advisors, or perhaps a tutor?

The ability to learn how to learn when studying alone is one of the largest contributors a student’s academic success. Unfortunately most students don’t have a complete set of study skills and it often leaves them feeling frustrated, stressed, and unmotivated. Instead of studying and making plans for their future, many students start to question themselves … wondering if they are ‘smart enough’ and what is ‘wrong’ with them as other students (including siblings) seem to be able study without any difficulty.

What if it didn’t have to be this way?
What if school communities were able to support teenagers to develop better habits? What if students understood the relationship between procrastination, stress and concentration? What if the thought of exams didn’t result in feelings of fear and worry? What if cramming and all-nighters weren’t necessary or seen as the only solution? What if students could control distractions and find their own balance? What if students had the skills and insights to be more confident, proactive and independent learners?

Our goal is to help
turn this into reality

Just as a strong EQ helps makes the most of a person’s IQ, well developed ‘soft skills’ allow adults to excel in their workplaces and athletes strengthen their minds to help get the most out of their bodies … study skills allow teenagers to make the most out of their academic potential.

The skills also create a strong base that can be developed at University, where the ability to learn and study independently is even more important. Having the ability to understand enables today’s high school students to be able to proactively seek solutions not only to academic challenges but also to personal ones related to study.

Our starting point and values

We started as an idea to help 1st year University Students in 2004 and we’ve been working on study skills ever since – providing teenagers with private tuition, mentoring, school based programs and a permanent online resource. After more than 10 years, our approach to helping students hasn’t changed.

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